LiFe caN be BeautIfuL

In life as in dance: Grace glides on blistered feet

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year come and go in a blink of eye! March is gonna to be a tiring month for both me and shawn! Intensive timetable from monday to friday all the way to JUNE! Not to mention the crazy deadlines for the reports, essay, presentations, etc! May god bless me!

On a side note, my driving test has been booked and will be on the end of April. Hopefully I will pass my driving test with just one try! =D *cross fingers*

I did a personality test which I think is pretty accurate. It seem that that I really should not be bother with so much what people think about me. Whether they like me as a friend a not depend how superficial they are. Did they ever make the effort to know me better as a friend or did they just make use of me? Therefore, as long as my consience is clear, so shall it be. I am happy with my current groups of close friend!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alrighty, I know I have not been posting any post since eons. Pardon my laziness my dear friends. Current status reporting: I am still lovingly in love my with my baby boy, someone who never never fail to be by myside at all times! 10 months into the relationship and I really felt he is the one to settle down with! I have finally graduated from NUS ( I know it is a bit long already) and is currently working as a contract teacher in Bowen secondary school.

A lot of people have been asking me why I chose to go into the education line when I am taking a science course. Well, all I can say is I am looking at the future promotion in my career and I really do enjoy my current job. So yea, people embrace the job you love. =D Kids can be really naughty but they are really adorable too!

I have been realising that a lot of my friends are getting engaged and settled down in their love life. COngrats wen yan on getting engaged, again, I know it is a bit late, but still best wishes from my side !

The next time I am looking forward to is the dec getaway with my bf to thailand! With the all food and shopping to do, which girl will not get excited? Furthermore, this is the first time since Primary 4 that I will be getting on a plane! WOoHOo!!! I just simply cannot wait~~ DEc come faster Dec come faster!!!!!! =D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have finally finish my 3 years of studies in NUS! After much struggle, I finally took up the offer of contract teaching from MOE. I will be trying out the teaching line and determine if it is the route that I want to go through for the rest of my life. I have heard a lot of negative comments being a teacher, long working hours, unreasonable parents, naughty student, blah blah blah. But I am going to experience all those myself before I rule out the possibility of being a teacher. Plans to further my studies will be ongoing, but I think I will step into the society and learn the harsh life lessons first! Honestly, I am scared about the change in my life, I am a person that hate changes in my life. But I shall take thing in the stride and face them bravely.

As for now, I am enjoying my holiday. Meanwhile, I am also settling the loans, and alot of small small admin stuffs that are nagging down my neck. =D I am loving my life to the max now! Next event to keep me busy in my family: my sister wedding!!! Shall go down and see her gown next week! I wanna get married too! what is my bf doing!?! lol ~ I still love you Baby !!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I have come to a point in my life that I am so sick of it! Seriously, it is hitting the limit for me. Nothing bad has happen but the routine of my life is weighing me down. I do not seem to have a life at all. Out of the things I am doing now, how many of it am I seriously feeling happy when I am doing it?

I have no idea what is going over me. Hormonal imbalance? Emotional upsurge? Arghz. I hate it I hate it I hate it! I want my freedom, I want back the times when I am just 5 yrs old! Relationship between human is such a bitch! WHy is it that when a person grow up, one has to do thing with absolute motive? I am thinking yet too much again.

I need a calming pill, I need a good rest, I need my gummy bears! I need to go to the beach and listen to the nature and not the ugly sound of human! I need a day of absolute fun and relax! I need a good cry! I need a good laugh! and lastly give me a good shoulder to rely on to cry and laugh!

Enough of lamenting, back to my routine life. Pubmed, journal literature, studies.... blah blah blah.. ARGHZ!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Chinese new year comes and go. I had a good start in the year, winning a bit of money via gambling.Baby and I went to the Ang Pao River during CNY eve! Had a wonderful time with Baby and went to catch a movie aftermath. Time for me to collect myself and ready to charge all ahead for my schoolwork from now on. Baby and I had decided to work HARD! We have started on our saving plan, although it is not going to be some big bucks but everything has to start somewhere right? *wink*

Priscilla and me

Valentine Day is coming! How are u peep going to celebrate the special day? A simple heartwarming dinner with my baby is more than enough. Besides that I received my early V-day gift, a new addition to my family: KorilaKuma~~[ Ko meaning Baby, rila meaning relax and kuma meaning Bear!] Saw this bear first in the arcade machines in Marina Square during CNY eve, knowing how much I like the cute little bear, baby went to search online for the name of the bear and the place that sell them in s'pore. Thereafter, the cute bears are welcomed into my hugs! =D

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy 2009! Holiday is coming to an end and school is starting for me again the coming week. I totally enjoyed my holiday with baby. Activities done were kite-flying, bbq, strolling at the beach, cycling to come too. Life was never so fulfilling in any of my past relationship. Promises made were carried out and I am living everyday with the widest smile on my face every single day.
Spent a quiet christmas eve with baby, went out for dinner with baby's family, then went back to his house and snuggle up in the bed counting down to christmas between both of us only. Christmas gift from him was a U.R.S bag that I wanted and a surprise that will be kept between us only. All I can say I am shocked once again! lol~ New year eve was spend having bbq with baby's friend at Pris condo! All the preparation and smoke were crazily fun just becos he is by my side =D. Afterwhich , me and baby, allan and gf plus louis wth gf headed to ECP to see the red flares that are shot out from the ships at the strike of 12am. Ended the day with porridge for supper b4 heading home to slp! Was so tired! =D

I have decided to take up my honours year since I can predict that the economy for 2009 is going to be very bleak and hopefully by 2010 it will get much much better! CNY is coming and I cannot wait to spend it with baby. Every quiet and simple moments are made to be so magical just becos of his presence! DUn tell me that I am in love, becos I clearly know it myself I am SO in LOVE! Take a peek at the photos below:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts in these recent month. I have been busy enjoying my holiday. This holiday may simply be the very last holiday that I will get to enjoy in my studying life. Results are going to be out in another 1 or 2 days time and I guess all NUSrians are all equally nervous. Hopefully everything will go on fine and I can make my decision to either to enter the working life or continue my studying path.

Busy enjoying my holiday with my boy. Every moment spend with him is simply so wonderful. Security was never a close friend in the dictionary of my past relationships, but in this relationship, it simply come so naturally. I really do not know if this feeling is going to be there forever, but all I know I am really enjoying myself. I hate people to stick their nose into my choice of my bf. There is a reason why I choose Shawn as my bf and reject others, there is something special in him that others do not have. Recalling how I met him to how i get together is really a wild roller coaster ride, so exciting yet so thrilling. I think I am so addicted to him! One month 12 days since we got together and still ongoing! =D

An advanced merry christmas to all my dear friends!